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Words from Angela Meder

Posted by admin September 29th, 2008

In the name of Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe I want to thank Hector Prat for his fascinating idea – and everybody who contributes! Gorillas are threatened in all parts of their distribution area, mainly by habitat destruction, the bushmeat trade and epidemic diseases. It is especially difficult for small, isolated populations; those are the ones [...]


How it works

Posted by admin September 26th, 2008

If you want to donate money to help the gorillas, you can do it buying portions of a gorilla picture. This picture will be gradually discovered as contributors buy the pixels. Afterwards, when the site visitors go over this bought areas, your url or name will be shown. All the urls or names of the [...]

Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe

Posted by admin September 26th, 2008

The project S.O.S Gorilla has been created to raise funds to help the gorilla preservation. Thanks to the support of the Barcelona Zoo and Eaza (European Association of Zoos And Aquaria), we’ ve found an association who will make sure the funds will help the endangered ape, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe. Since 1984, the Berggorilla [...]

The Project Story

Posted by admin September 26th, 2008

S.O.S Gorilla has been created to raise funds to collaborate in the Gorillas preservation. I’ve been always so concerned about animal preservation, specially the endangered gorillas. First of all, I designed the most important tool to raise the funds, the web site, available at Then I started looking for entities to support the project, [...]