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In Congo, With Rebels Now at Bay, Calm Erupts

Posted by admin March 5th, 2009

War, displacement and bloodthirsty rebels had gotten between them. But for the first time in years, this section of a venerated Congolese national park is rebel-free. Government wildlife rangers, like Mr. Serundori, are firmly in control – for the moment. And Kabirizi, a 500-pound silverback gorilla with a head as big as an engine block, [...]

Congo war-baby gorillas bring hope for endangered species

Posted by admin March 5th, 2009

By Denis Barnett, AFP High above the war-battered plain, a giant silverback gorilla ruminatively strips a plant of its leaves with green tombstone teeth. Five females nearby suckle their babies. The world can celebrate a small miracle in eastern Congo. Park rangers greeted the primordial scene with hushed astonishment after hacking for two hours though [...]